The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) has established an Early Career Group (ECG).

Early career researchers, clinicians, healthcare and related professionals play a key role suicide prevention and the activities of IASP.

This Early Career Group (ECG) provides a forum where group members can network with peers and experts alike, engaging in international research and interventions in the area of suicide prevention.

Furthermore, the ECG community will contribute to the sustainability and effectiveness of suicide prevention strategy and action in the future.

The objectives of the ECG are to:

  1. encourage and provide a platform for knowledge exchange between ECG members and experts in suicidology;
  2. encourage and develop collaboration and networking between members nationally and internationally;
  3. provide information to members on available career-related opportunities, including jobs, conferences and funding;
  4. actively participate at IASP and other conferences in the area of suicide prevention; and
  5. connect group members with Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in their area of interest.