About Us

The oversight of the ECG is operated by three co-chairs – Dr. Olivia Kirtley, Mr. Carl-Maria Mörch and Ms. Caroline Daly, all of whom are early career persons working in the area of suicide prevention.

Olivia Kirtley Postdoctoral Researcher

There are many challenges for today’s early career researchers and clinicians, and the benefits of having a community of like-minded peers from which to draw support are widely acknowledged. The IASP Early Career Group (ECG) aims to build such a community, providing networking, training, and mentoring opportunities to early career individuals in suicide research and practice. I am really delighted that IASP has chosen to formally recognise the contribution to suicide research and clinical practice made by those at an early stage of their career, by supporting the creation of an Early Career Group.My background is in conducting studies of self-harm and suicidal thoughts and behaviours in both laboratory and clinical settings. Having current experience of being a postdoc and recent experience of conducting a PhD in the field of suicide research, I am keen to share my knowledge with others and to learn from fellow early career researchers and clinicians.”


Carl-Maria Mörch PhD Candidate

Carl-Maria Mörch PhD Candidate - Early Career Group Co-chairsIn an ever-globalizing world, early-career clinicians, researchers and graduate students have to travel, communicate and work outside of their country and beyond their comfort zone. To this end, they need to build strong professional relationships. And to be competitive, they have to build their own international network of practitioners and scholars. This represents a great challenge both professionally and personally. These are some of the many reasons why we have founded the IASP Early Career Group (ECG). It is intended to support the efforts of our peers, and alleviate as much as possible the burden of figuring out where/how to start. I’m a French clinical psychologist, currently doing a research PhD in Canada. My focus is on the use of new technologies in suicide prevention. I’ve always been very involved in student and professional organizations. With the co-chairs, we will be more than happy to help you find future mentors and colleagues. I am very pleased and honored to contribute to what we hope will be a true community of practice.

Caroline Daly PhD Candidate and Research Officer

I envision that the IASP ECG will be an inclusive, welcoming and interactive forum in which early career persons can collaborate with each other and also with experts in the area of suicidology. As a co-Chair I aspire to work with IASP to provide other career persons with opportunities to engage with the area of suicide prevention in an exciting and meaningful way. I am currently in the final year of my PhD via University College Cork and the University of Manchester, exploring the individual and area level factors associated with drugs frequently used in non-fatal intentional drug overdose. With a background in Public Health and Health Promotion I have been based in the National Suicide Research Foundation in Cork, Ireland since 2009. I also currently work as a Research Officer with IASP and my work entails many aspects of research and also encompasses assisting the President, Executive Committee and Special Interest Group co-Chairs with any needs.