New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region

New Zealand

Suicide prevention is a matter of significant public interest in NZ, and gains a lot of media attention. NZ’s last suicide prevention strategy ran until 2016 with consultation on the new strategy currently taking place. In the recent Budget 2017, investment in a Mental Health Social Investment Fund was announced, along with proposals for new initiatives. A statutory Suicide Mortality Review Committee has also been approved.


Asia Pacific Region

The Asia Pacific region stretches from Turkey in the west to Kiribati in the east, and from Russia in the north to New Zealand – the home of IASP’s 2018 Asia Pacific conference – in the south.  This vast region accounts for two thirds of the world’s population, so successfully addressing suicide here could have a significant impact on this major public health problem on a global scale.  Countries in the region have placed varying levels of emphasis on suicide prevention, with some outstanding examples of innovative strategies.