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National strategies for workplace suicide prevention

National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (Canada)

National Guidelines for Workplace Suicide Prevention (US)

2015 Australia National Guidelines: Men, Unemployment & Suicide


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International collaborations and Other Publications

Mittag, A. (2018). What every HR exec needs to know about suicide in the workplace. Retrieved on June 6, 2019 from https://lifespeak.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/07-12-2018-BenefitsPRO-Workplace-Suicide.pdf

Andrus, D. (2018, September 11) A risky business—Examining suicide in construction: Why do so many construction workers take their own lives? https://coloradobuildermag.com/business-management/insurance/a-risky-business-examining-suicide-in-construction/

Programmatic and Social Media activities

National Guidelines for Workplace Suicide Prevention (USA) — Strength and Needs Assessment

Results from National Survey on Workplace Suicide Prevention Guidelines https://www.sallyspencerthomas.com/dr-sally-speaks-blog/2018/9/9/announcement-results-from-national-survey-on-workplace-suicide-prevention-guidelines

13 focus groups and 15 in-depth-interviews whose participants spanned diverse roles, industries, experiences and geographies.

Construction Working Minds www.ConstructionWorkingMinds.org

LifeSpeak (Canadian HQ) — series of workplace suicide prevention videos

"Why does the way we talk about suicide matter?" https://youtu.be/B3oQDOPPwXM

I am here" -- 25 minute on-line traininghttps://vimeo.com/322143926/d057a361a5

"What can I do if I am worried someone is at risk of suicide?" https://youtu.be/5HVavIC4eN4

Office of Resources Revenue (Federal Agency in US), 20th February, Dallas, Texas. How to Have Critical Conversations about Suicide. On-going national training program on suicide prevention in the workplace. Spencer-Thomas, S., trainer.

Suicide Prevention Training Needs and Strengths Assessment: A Report for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (Submitted December 13, 2018). Spencer-Thomas, S., facilitator.

Working Minds Training: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace (trained over 200 trainers nationwide in 2018). https://www.coloradodepressioncenter.org/workingminds/

Maron, D., Field, J. & Spencer-Thomas, S. (2018). What can we do to help Veterans’ mental health? Hire them. Article: https://www.sallyspencerthomas.com/dr-sally-speaks-blog/2018/10/8/what-can-we-do-to-help-veterans-mental-health-hire-them

#ElevateTheConvo Twitter Chats (facilitated by S. Spencer-Thomas)

January 18th Work-Life Integration: US and Australia Perspectives (5.5 million impressions) https://wakelet.com/wake/84129738-91e9-4752-8a5d-bf66849c0f93

July 19th Entrepreneurs & Mental Health: What to do when you are up on the high wire (4.4 million impressions) https://wakelet.com/wake/abeec191-af9c-47c0-9520-ac4f29c91fec

Hope Illuminated Podcast (facilitated by S. Spencer-Thomas)

Suicide Prevention in the Workplace – Best Practices in Training and Changing Industry Culture: Interview with Jorgen Gullestrup of MATES in Construction https://www.sallyspencerthomas.com/hope-illuminated-podcast/2

3 Ways to Build Resilience at Work: Interview with Judge (Ret.) Mary McClatchey https://www.sallyspencerthomas.com/hope-illuminated-podcast/8

Leadership, Strategy & System Change: Interview with Stuart Binstock & Michelle Walker https://www.sallyspencerthomas.com/hope-illuminated-podcast/11