Thousands of supporters cycled this year to help us raise
awareness of the risks of suicide.

Please click here to submit  your or your group’s distances.

As of 22 December, 2017

  • 287 participants and groups in
  • 48 countries have cycled   222,323.55 miles or 357,795.08 kilometers, or 9 times the circumference of the Earth, in support of World Suicide Prevention Day. Thank you participants and your supporters!
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“To take ones own life shows a level of despair that is hard to imagine. But suicide is preventable. Collectively we can make a difference by reaching out to those in need and showing we care. Join me in raising awareness of the risks of suicide by taking part in Cycle Around the Globe.”  Johnny Mercer, UK MP

Visit the  Cycle Around the Globe Participants and Distances Page to see the list.

To collectively cycle the globe (40,075 km / 24,900 miles).

Last year you helped us cycle almost 4 times around the globe!
This year, we want to bring more people together and cycle further.

To raise awareness of the risks of suicide and to fund essential
resources to support suicide prevention activities.

WHEN: 2nd – 17th September 2017, although we will not exclude you if you cycle
outside these dates. The more people who take part, the greater awareness raised.

WHERE: Anywhere: at home, in the gym, on local roads, as part of a race, whilst on

WHO: Anyone of any age. You do not have to be a professional cyclist!

COST: Nothing!! But we would love it if you would fundraise for us….

REGISTERING: Registration is now closed. Download our Cycle Materials which can be used during your cycle; this includes a competitor bib, WSPD banner and WSPD ribbons.

FUNDRAISING: Everyone is challenged to raise $250, either for the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) or for your local/national suicide prevention charity. Click on one of the fundraising platforms below to create your own fundraising page. Or donate direct through Paypal and download our sponsorship form. Any money raised for IASP will go towards the establishment of community suicide prevention activities and the training of gatekeepers to identify risk factors in potentially suicidal persons and how best to respond with essential support.  For more information about IASP’s programmes, click on the Fundraising Programme Info in the quick web links section.

PRIZES: Furthest cycled and Most Sponsors (individual and group).

Once you have completed your cycle, download a Certificate of Completion at the link below. Fill in your details and show all your family and friends how you have supported us in raising awareness for suicide prevention. Thank you for taking part!