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World Suicide Prevention Day 2017 Ribbons

For the second year running we are delighted to present to you, along with our partners, our universal suicide prevention awareness ribbon.

To remind everyone about the meaning of our awareness ribbon the colour combinations chosen, yellow and orange, signify suicide prevention awareness around the world. This two toned ribbon is also indicative of a candle flame which ties in with the “Light a Candle”, WSPD activity.

Our wish is for the suicide prevention awareness ribbon to become internationally recognisable, and associated with suicide prevention globally. In uniting in this shared universal ribbon, we hope to increase awareness of suicide prevention every day.

We would be delighted if you would join with us and support this ribbon initiative. Please feel free to use the ribbon avatar on social media for WSPD.

Cycle Around the Globe Images

Click here to download WSPD banners in PDF (Print) or PNG (Web) formats in a variety of languages.